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For Business


Hiltz Waste Disposal offers commercial customers a wide variety of container sizes and styles for waste. Our expert sales staff can customize a program specially designed for your unique business’ needs. Container sizes available are 64 and 96 gallon toters, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 cubic yard dumpsters. For larger businesses compactor units are available.


We encourage businesses to recycle! Reduction of your recyclable waste will help to reduce your costs! We have many options available for Commercial Recycling Services. These include (but are not limited to) Cardboard/Paper Recycling, and Single Stream Recycling.

Recycling Services

Single Stream

Single Stream recycling allows businesses to recycle the same products recycled at home. For example; glass, tin, plastic and paper products. By eliminating these products from the waste stream, businesses could reduce overall waste disposal costs. This program would be ideal for restaurants and schools.


Tired of all of those old keyboards and computer parts hanging around in your attic? Electronic Waste or “E-Waste” items, consisting of computers, monitors, keyboards, CPU towers, TVs, power supplies, telephones, printers, fax machines and photo copiers etc., can all be recycled. We also have a program called Universal Recycling which consists of recycling light bulbs containing mercury. Customers have the option of scheduling a collection of “E-Waste” or Universal Recycling at their location or they have the option of bringing these items directly to our Recycling Center at our Essex County Recycle Center; 24 Kondelin Rd Gloucester MA.

Construction Site

Are you a contractor who wants to reduce waste from the job site? If so, we can help. There are many items in relation to construction sites that can be separated out of the regular waste stream and recycled. This can help keep waste disposal costs down as well as being good for the environment. Hiltz Waste Disposal can provide containers and service for items such as cardboard, paper, plastics, and metal. We can also provide container service for dedicated loads of materials such as asphalt, concrete, bricks, yard waste, and clean wood for a discounted rate and all materials will be recycled.

Construction Services / Temporary Sites

Hiltz Waste Disposal, Inc. has four different size containers available temporary use for construction jobs or clean outs.

6 Cubic yard Dumpster (with or without covers) - 6' x 4.5' x 4.5'

10 cubic yard Rolloff 13.5′ x 7.92′ x 4′

15 cubic yard Rolloff 14.42′ x 7.92′ x 5′

30 cubic yard Rolloff 22′ x 7.92′ x 6′

Hiltz Waste Disposal also offers special pricing for hauling of dedicated loads of all metal, yard waste, manure, cement/rocks/bricks, and asphalt. We also can coordinate 40 cubic yard rolloffs and 100 cubic yard trailers for tear downs.

Please call (978) 283-3335 or email for pricing and availability.

Other Services

Large Trailers

Have a large construction job or tear down project? We have 100 yard trailers in stock for use with large volume construction jobs. Advance notice is necessary to coordinate a special one-time bulk pickup and all special pickups are done on a COD basis. Please call our office to schedule use of our special equipment.

Small Trucks

Our small “Alley Cat” truck is used for special pickups in cases where there is not enough room for either a large truck or to locate a dumpster. Nicknamed for its ability to get into small Alley ways, it can be used for both trash and recycling and for residential pickups.

Bulk Trash Pick-up

Cleaning out your basement or attic? We can schedule a one-time bulk pickup with our trash truck or Alley Cat truck. All items must be bagged or barreled and out by 7:00 AM. We accept Large items but there is only one driver on the truck, so we ask that someone be present to help load any large items.

Special Events

Ask us how we can help you at your next event with trash or recycling services. Hiltz Waste Disposal has been the contractor and a large sponsor for Topsfield Fair since 1984. We believe in strong community involvement and in supporting local charities and events whenever we can. Please call or email for more information.

Community Services

Hiltz Waste Disposal is proud to be involved with many community events and charitable organizations throughout our service area. Strong community involvement and support of local charities and events is something we believe in. Please call or email for more information.